From humble beginnings in a bedroom back in 2003, John has gone from recording his own demos to recording more than 250 musicians from around the globe. Whether it be a local punk band or an international vocalist or even simply a voice over or podcast recording, John has cast his ear and recording prowess across a vast amount of projects.

In 2013 John designed Vision Studios from the ground up He even hand in the studios construction and built all of the acoustic treatment and studio furniture in order to customise it to the workings of a modern studio

Other than local and international musicians John’s clients include companies from all sectors like NPR, Rotary, Niche Living Homes, MJB Seminars.

  • Vision's awesome sounding live room is perfect for recording all instruments & John was a pleasure to work with.
    Ryan Dillon
  • Lantana are more than grateful to John for building a professional studio that we could create, rehearse, gig and record at and for his expertise and ability to record and mix our music, all under the one roof.
    Hanna Osman
  • My band recorded our last album with John at Vision. He was amazing to work with. He gave valuable suggestions without ever taking control, and offered meaningful contributions both creatively and technically. Thanks to John, we achieved a product that reflect our vision, and ultimately left the studio with something more valuable than we walked in the door with. He was professional, patient and fun throughout, and made us feel comfortable to explore ideas and different avenues. Thanks John
    Mitch Freind
    Hostile Little Face