At Vision Studios we understand the stress and hours that can go into your projects. That's why we offer these great extras to help you to kick back and relax, take a break and stay creative.

Making the local music scene rock is important to us as it helps to ensure that Vision will be around for years to come. By providing free services like the Vision tour trailer and Vision Sessions videos local bands get the extra exposure that they normally would have to fork out for. Read on for more information on the extra services that we provide at Vision both internally and beyond.

Arcade. Basketball. Table Tennis. Tour Trailer.

Local bands need to get out into region areas, but organising a fleet of cars to transport the gear can be hard, not to mention the cost in fuel. Any band that has booked in to Vision can use our complimentary tour trailer. It is completely enclosed and secure and ready to hit the road.

Whether it’s old school or new school we have your entertainment fix sorted with fully customised 500 in 1 arcade machines and an Xbox one store-type kiosk. All are free to play.

The Vision Youtube channel is a goldmine of live and promotional videos shot here at the studio, featuring a number of series such as Vision Sessions and Annual Birthday Bash as well as great promotional and tutorial videos detailing what we can offer here at Vision.

Let your inner NBA star run wild with our regulation height arena style basketball system. Take on your band mates in a bit of one-on- one or sink a 3 pointer from the water cooler.