We have 14 rehearsal rooms, each have been treated with custom designed acoustic panels. These have been designed in such a way as to prevent all the nasty sounding frequencies from bouncing around the room whilst allowing a small amount to reverberate and diffuse to give your sound that life it desires. Essentially It wont sound like you are rehearsing in a bathroom yet it also wont sound like someone has thrown a blanket over the band which many other rehearsal rooms suffer from.

The walls have been constructed in such a way that the sound rejection between rooms from one band to the next is excellent. Dual doors also means that passage and common area noise is very minimal. A typical session runs for 5 hours. You can use as little or as much of this time as you wish. Cancellations can be made up to 24 hours prior to rehearsal time by phone only. Any cancellations made after this time or no-shows will incur a fee equal to that of the room booked.

Sessions allow 5 hours. Bookings essential. We do not accept walk in business without arrangement.
Sessions can be booked for any day 9am - 11pm


$75 Per Session

Standard Room

• 4.5m x 6m
• Mackie ProFX8 8 Channel Mixer
• Yamaha DBR15 Speakers
• 3 x Sennheiser E835 Mics
• Air Conditioned

$85 Per Session

Deluxe room

• 4.5m x 6.5m
• 12 Channel Mixer
• RCF ART315a Speakers
• 3 x Sennheiser E835 Mics
• Air Conditioned
• Whiteboard and Fridge
• 300w Foldback Monitor

$95 Per Session

Premium room

• 5.5m x 6.5m
• Mackie Onyx 16 Channel Recording Mixer
• RCF ART15 Speakers
• 4 Sennheiser e835 Mics
• Whiteboard and Foldback
• Air Conditioned & Fridge

$85 Per Session

Hybrid room

• 4.5x6.5 Metres
• 12 Channel Mixer
• RCF ART15 Speakers & Wedge
• 3 x Sennheiser E835 Mics
• Adjustable Room Acoustics
• Air Conditioned

$105 Per Session

Live room

• 9m x 7m
• 16 Channel Recording Mixer
• JBL PRX 635 3 Way Speakers
• 4 x Sennheiser E835 Mics
• Air Conditioned
• Adjustable room acoustics

$140 Per Session

Big room

• 17m x 14m
• 16 Channel Mixer
• 4x Foldbacks 2x Speakers
• 6 x Sennheiser E835 Mics
• Pool table
• Adjustable room acoustics

$15 Per Session

Hire Equipment

• Vox Guitar Combo Amp
• Randall Head and Cabinet
• Bass EBS and Hartke Head/Cabinet
• Korg EK50 arranger Keyboard
• Sonor and Pearl Drum Kits
• Full set of cymbals add $15
• Stirling Bass Guitar
• ***Drum sticks not included as they are breakables***